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The sense of restlessness that had been plaguing Audrey had finally become too much for her to ignore. Skyloft and the Sky just simply weren’t enough for her anymore. The blonde craved to see the world. Tiny little Skyloft had never satisfied that need….

Freckles was walking down the hallway, off to coax, force, or persuade anyone he could find into joining him on some sort of adventure. He wasn’t actually sure what sort it would be, but that was for a later time. 

He stopped, turned, and looked twice when he noticed someone who didn’t usually walk the halls of the Academy chatting with a student. 

A knight?

Was he in some kind of trouble again? They usually sent teachers after him, but sometimes he had been stopped by knights in the midst of what could become a brilliant joke. Although Freckles thought he was being a little paranoid, he approached the two, deciding to ask what was going on and hopefully figure out if it involved him. 

"Hey, what’s up?" he asked, probably barging in at a very inopportune moment. Not that he ever entered conversations very tactfully. 

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